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Do we need another travel blogger?

Updated: Aug 21

Written 3/16/2023

Updated 4/16/2023

Do we need another travel blogger? This is an excellent question! Why should you read my blogs, be part of my community, and purchase my products on thatch? What can I offer you? How would it benefit you?

  1. I am relatable. I have traveled to many places I think the average person can afford. I am not jet-setting every weekend. I work full-time, so I use vacation time like many people, save for trips, and only travel once or twice a year. I can offer suggestions on budget-friendly places to travel and give you reviews of places I have been.

  2. I live in Atlanta, so if Atlanta is somewhere you enjoy visiting or hope to visit, I can offer places to visit here. There is lots to do! Check out my Thatch curated travel guide store for some ideas.

  3. I want to inspire you to believe that you can travel affordably. Many people think you need a lot of money to travel well. That is not true. Money makes things easier, but don't you dare for a second think you can't get out of your city, state, or country. It will take patience and planning, but I am here to help.

  4. I love teaching! I want to help you be able to learn about yourself through travel. I want to help people grow through travel. I want to help you plan trips on a budget.

  5. We already have travel in common. I want to learn about you. What types of trips can I help you plan? What activities do you want to try and need some advice about?

So, to answer the question, do we need another travel blogger? YES! And guess what? There is space for you to join my budget travel blog aimed at the everyday person. So let's get to traveling!

Stay Peachy!

Eat, Drink, and be Melly

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