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Hopping Around Atlanta: Celebrating National Coffee Day at Local Coffee Shops

Updated: Sep 29

Coffee, coffee, coffee! Another National Coffee Day is upon us (on September 29th) and International Coffee Day (on October 1st), fellow caffeine addicts! Is there anything quite like a fresh cup of joe to start your morning off right? As a proud Atlantan and budget travel blogger, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to scope out some local coffee shops that I need to visit. My list also includes some cafes I have visited. So brew a fresh cup of your favorite roast and join me for a quick coffee hop around the city.

First up, Urban Grind. It is a black-owned coffee shop in West Midtown. Urban Grind is always a solid choice for creative types looking for a chill spot to work for a few hours. The space features funky local art, cozy leather couches, and, of course, stellar coffee, espresso drinks, and more. I enjoyed a signature latte when I visited here. I always love sitting outside when I can, so I appreciated the outdoor seating they offered. During evening hours, Urban Grind hosts weekly open mic nights for comedy, music, and poetry. Call to ensure they have continued this tradition, as lot has changed since COVID.

Next stop: Brash Coffee. The Brash Coffee Box is at Westside Provisions. Brash has a great selection from single farms, and they buy the highest quality coffees they can find. The minimalist cafe provides an ideal setting to enjoy your coffee, with large windows, sleek wood accents, and not much else to distract you. It's also conveniently located around a lot of quiet shops, restaurants, and dessert spots on Howell Mill Road.

Dancing Goats Coffee Bar at Ponce City Market is the perfect next location to consider. There are a few coffee shops at Ponce. If you plan on being out most of the day and exploring Atlanta, this is the perfect place to visit to give you the caffeine boost you may need to make it through the day. Ponce City Market also has a lot of shops to offer, so get a cup of coffee to walk around with. If you prefer to sit, they have a smaller area inside but outdoors is nice when it's not too hot.

Spiller Park Coffee is also located at Ponce. It's in the food hall. Spiller Park also offers coffee flights, affogatos, and boozy coffee cocktails for those looking to take their coffee experience up a notch.

One last daytime option: go check out East Pole Coffee Co. while you are nearby. The cafe's stylish space, complete with greenery and hip furnishings, epitomizes the aesthetic of Ponce City Market. I have not yet visited East Pole, but next time I am in Atlanta, I'll have to pay them a visit.

Once evening rolls around, in Atlanta, Cafe Intermezzo is open 24-hours. Not only do they have coffee, but their desserts are divine. They have cozy plush armchairs and a great outdoor seating area. The cake pairs perfectly with a slightly sweetened cup of coffee.

Not too far away from Atlanta is Marietta. There are some great local coffee shops there as well. For starters, Marietta Perks is great! I frequent this coffee shop. They have a killer panini! If you are looking for an inspirational place to get some work done, check this place out. They have inspirational quotes throughout the cafe. Cool Beans is also in Marietta, but Cool Beans is on the Marietta Square while Marietta Perks is a 5 minute drive down the street.

Up the way, in Woodstock, you can find Black Rifle Coffee Company. I like this coffee shop not only because they have good coffee but also because they are committed to supporting veterans, law enforcement, and first responders. With each purchase that is made, Black Rifle gives back to those who serve our country.

Right in downtown Kennesaw, there is the Lazy Labrador Coffee House. This place is especially special to me because there is a Samson memory tied to it. I remember when the coffee shop was being built. Sam and I were on a walk, and the owners were driving by. They asked me if I would try their coffee once the shop opened if I would be able to bring my dog. I said, "Of course! I love places Sam and I can go together." Sadly, Sam passed before it was finished, but I always remember him and smile when I drive past Lazy Labrador. They also have good coffee and a cute cafe to relax in.

Coffee truly is the lifeblood of budget travelers, students, and workers alike. No matter what part of town you're in, you're never too far from an amazing cup of coffee. By supporting local shops like Urban Grind, Black Rifle, Marietta Perks, and Lazy Labrador, we help keep unique places in our communities alive while enjoying a better cup of coffee.

Happy sipping, and remember - life's too short for bad coffee! I can't wait to discover more coffee gems around Atlanta; here's to more adventures!

Eat, Drink, and be Melly!

Stay Peachy

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